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fwd | NYC Move your business forward. Marketing . Media . Communications.

About Us

We are forward thinking creative marketers.

Who We Are

fwd|NYC’s marketing company is a boutique digital agency comprised of creative minds, musicians, analysts, composers, artists, filmmakers, and writers, with a keen sense of business acumen. Put us together, and you’ve got one giant of a marketing team.

Why Choose Us

We are creatively led and strategically driven, always looking to deliver the very best for our clients. Whether for corporations, non-profits or startups, we will not rest, (I mean like we should consider finding out what those five hour energy shots are made of), until we deliver the best ideas for our clients. We get to know you and your business. We’re not just some company you outsource to, we become your in-house marketing team.

Mission fwd!

Businesses that don’t adapt to change will quickly find themselves drinking warm beer with the Grim Reaper, fussy fax machines and elegant old film strips. Period. Every brand must move forward to stay alive. Get in touch with us today, and let us show you how we can move your business FWD.

Meet Our Executive Team

Shmuli Rosenberg

Shmuli Rosenberg


 Stuart Zelmanovitz

Stuart Zelmanovitz

Chief Creative Officer

Looking to Hire

Looking to Hire

Account Executive

Email your resume to info@fwdnyc.com

 Looking to Hire

Looking to Hire

Art Director/Producer

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Some of our awesome clients

  • Kars4Kids
  • iChannel
  • CardCash
  • Oorah
  • Lose4Autism
  • Kol Rom
  • Stretchkins


By merging creativity and technology, we provide you the work needed to get results in today’s world. Specializing in conventional marketing and PR as well as online marketing and SEO, we are the first choice of corporations, non-profits and startups all over the world. Contact us today to see how we can move your business forward.


Our campaigns merge creativity with data to bring you the greatest ROI. We will take your business to the next level with our creative marketing strategies. Taking a 360 degree approach, we will develop a cross platform campaign that drives results.


Our innovative art team will bring a fresh look to your print or web design. Branding and corporate identity are our specialties. Working closely with our creative and strategic teams, you won’t only get great art, you’ll get design that sells.


From jingles and radio ads to TV commercials and corporate identity films, we can handle all your media production. Forward NYC’s staff composers, writers, directors and producers will bring your product to life. We even have a media placement team that will get your ads where you want them.


As a leading PR firm, we will craft your messaging and get it out to the world. Our fresh and striking copywriting and press releases get results. Our Social Media experts can spread your message in today’s changing world. Whether you need a tagline or a PR campaign let us handle your communication needs.


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